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Perla Negra Costa Rica | Natural | Limited Release

Roast Level: Light

The Chacon Family has been growing coffee at Finca Las Lajas for over 80 years. We were lucky enough to meet Oscar and Francisca on our last visit to Costa Rica. Third-generation coffee farmers, 100% dedicated to organic cultivation. They specializes in a kind of coffee drying called ‘Honey Process’. Essentially the outer skin is removed from the coffee cherry, but mucilage is left on the bean. The end result is an interesting mix of ripe fruit flavors and an intensely sweet cup.

This work gave birth to now famous ‘Honey Process’ coffee that is ripe melon super-sweet with a big mouth feel and the farm’s most famous product, the ‘Black Pearl’ or ‘Perla Negra’.

Perla Negra is a natural processed dried-in-the-fruit coffee, processed using the most complex of Francisca’s profiles. The hand-picked cherries are first carefully sundried on raised beds then further dried under a black shroud to create warmth that serves as a catalyst to develop even more natural sugars. The cherries turn black, with the final product yielding a sweet, syrupy and dominant with the bouquet of ripe fruit flavors.

We feel incredibly fortunate to have purchased 5 bags (roughly 850 12oz bags) of this AMAZING coffee. A true coffee treasure.

Exclusively Available Online. 12oz Bags Only.