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The farmer who grew this coffee should receive the glory. We are among the fortunate who get to roast their beautiful coffees and share them with you. By staying committed to the time-honored craft of artisanal coffee roasting, we strive to make them proud.

Fair Trade Organic Rise Up Organic USDA Organic
  • coffee-12oz-migration
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    Organic Migration

    Roast Level: Light + Notes: Juicy, Magical, Sweet

  • coffee-12oz-las-lajas
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    Organic Las Lajas

    Roast Level: Medium + Notes: Creamy, Honeyed, Lively

  • coffee-12oz-french-roast
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    Organic French Roast

    Roast Level: Dark. Notes: Big, Bold, Intense.

  • coffee-12oz-maryland-blend
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    Organic Maryland

    Roast Level: Medium Notes: Charming, Clean, Smooth

  • coffee-12oz-breakfast
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    Organic Breakfast

    Roast Level: Light Notes: Citrus, Crisp, Reviving

  • coffee-12oz-espresso
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    Organic Espresso

    Roast Level: Medium + Notes: Pleasant, Sweet, Velvety

  • coffee-12oz-decaff
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    Organic Decaffeinated

    Roast Level: Medium Notes: Buttery, Mellow, Smooth

  • coffee-12oz-house-roast
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    Organic House Roast

    Roast Level: Medium Notes: Balanced, Chocolatey, Creamy

  • Rise Up - Starter Kit
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    Rise Up Starter Kit

    All FIVE of our signature organic coffees; Breakfast, House Roast, Maryland Blend,
    French Roast, and Espresso.

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