About Us

Rise Up Coffee has been an independent small-batch coffee roaster and retailer since 2005. Rise Up originated from an explosive combination of ambition and circumstance. Tim Cureton had what would prove to be a life changing coffee experience while traveling home from the Peace Corps service.  His love affair with great coffee had begun. Utilizing a $16,000 business loan, Cureton along with co-founder Abby West, opened the first Rise Up Coffee. Rise Up began as a coffee trailer, before there were TV shows & movies about food trucks. What started in a parking lot in a town with a population of 1,029 has evolved into thirteen high-volume cafe locations, a very active online store & many new exciting wholesale relationships.

Rise Up is known for its people. Now staffed by over a hundred amazing people, among them is Tim’s lifelong friend & business partner, Noah Kegley who joined the company in 2010 & now serves as Head Roaster.

Recently voted ‘Maryland’s Best Coffee’, Rise Up represents 15+ years of total dedication to sustainable coffees, Certified Organic + Certified Fair Trade.

Headquartered in Easton, Maryland, Rise Up has twelve current cafes, an active online presence & a thriving wholesale division encompassing grocery, restaurants and coffee shops.

Now in 2021, Rise Up extends beyond our Maryland borders having become a national recognized brand.