Single Origin: Nicaragua | Honey Arabica

Byron Corrales, Finca Los Pinos

Los Pinos is located in Aranjuez, Mataglapa next to the Arenal reserve. It’s a group of family farms totaling 55 hectares of coffee run by Byron Corrales, a man of true passion and a renowned personality in the Central American coffee community. The farm is certified organic and is combined with areas of planted forest to improve water retention and various agricultural products.

The Honey Process is one of many processes used by Finca Los Pinos.  During this process coffee cherries are picked and pulped but then dried without the use of water.  The resulting beans have the color and feel of honey.

This coffee is sweet and smooth with subtle fruit notes.

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Fresh roasted beans, the key ingredient! Use a burr grinder to grind these beans right before brewing. Coffee is 98% H2O – so use the good stuff! Brew 2 tbsp of coffee per every cup (6oz) of water. Store these beans in a cool dry place.
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