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If Rise Up is any one coffee, we are this coffee from Chajul Guatemala. The Asociación Chajulense Val Vaq Quyol (“Only One Voice”) is a cooperative founded and run by Mayan farmers of the Ixil region. By producing and selling high-quality coffee, textiles, and other organic products, these farmers have helped to realize their vision of sustainable development for their community, encompassing ecological, economic, social, and cultural justice. Low-toned, with pungent earthy and cedary notes supporting tart citrus and fruit. Rich acidity; milky but lively mouthfeel. Sweet-toned and deep in the finish.

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Fresh roasted beans, the key ingredient! Use a burr grinder to grind these beans right before brewing. Coffee is 98% H2O – so use the good stuff! Brew 2 tbsp of coffee per every cup (6oz) of water. Store these beans in a cool dry place.
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